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Rino & Youth

They are a Japanese traditional Sanshin player,

with the 60’s Rockn’ Roll influenced songwriting and arrangement etc.

Rino Aise

A native of Japan, is a performer of drama and music, particularly for peace. 
Rino initially studied Minyo (folk songs) with Ryushu Kubota, the highest teacher of the Hokkaido Folk Song Federation and, then, started playing sanshin, a traditional Okinawa instrument, to pursue her music career, singing folk songs, anime songs and original songs in the U.S. and Japan.

Youth Yamada

Music Producer and singer/songwriter, born in Philadelphia and raised in Japan. With his left-handed guitar, harmonica and accompanied by the subtle clapping sounds of the khartal, Youth plays soulful folk music straight from the heart. His songs are hypnotically catchy, upbeat and gives his audience melodies that are unforgettable. Winner in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2015 2019

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